A picture of a revamped Davenport Desk with its drawer

A New Lease of Life

We love a piece of furniture that has seen better days so we can use our expertise to bring it back to life.

The quality of this lovely Davenport desk really shone through even though it was in a sorry state. Missing and broken parts, we had new support uprights made and then we fitted them and made them look old. 

We then repaired and rewaxed the rest of the desk.  Amazingly the leather top was in good condition and did not need changing.  After all, you still want to keep the old look about it.  That’s the beauty of doing up old furniture, it lets you restore it nurturing it back to its former glory.

As you can see in the photos the desk looks beyond repair.  It was a family piece but had no use in a modern family home, and had been stored in the garage.  However, it was now going to be restored as a present for a younger member in the family and is used every day and hopefully more generations will enjoy this beautiful desk.

Before Photos

A picture of a Davenport Desk Drawer        Another view of a Davenport Desk      A picture of a Davenport Desk

After photos – the new supports just need a bit of distressing and we are good to go!

Another view of a revamped Davenport Desk with its drawer     A front view picture of a revamped Davenport Desk with its drawer    A picture of a revamped Davenport Desk with its drawer

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