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Caring For Your Furniture

Our furniture is well protected as we use quality lacquers, however a little TLC goes a long way in caring for your furniture. With wood, fabric and leather furniture, it is always best to keep them away from strong sunlight, heating vents and radiators.


We recommend that wooden items are wiped down with a lightly damp cloth, after use and to keep dust at bay. Then, once every three to six months use a spray beeswax polish to ensure your furniture continues to look its best.

Protect wood where possible, use table mats and heat protectors on your dining table.

Put mats under reed diffusers.   Plug-in air fresheners can leak if laid on their side.  There is an ingredient in both of these that can damage polished surfaces.


Fabric should be vacuumed regularly. Turn and swap cushions when possible so they receive equal wear. Mop up any spillages immediately, do not rub. If the worst should happen then call in professional cleaners who will be able to advise.


Aniline and semi-aniline leather —Aniline leather has no protection whilst semi-aniline offers some protection. Both should be vacuumed regularly and wiped with a cloth. Try to keep food and drink away. Again, if possible, change and turn over cushions. Once or twice a year use an aniline specific leather cream.

Grain corrected or pigmented leather —This usually comes in different colours making it the most popular leather furniture purchased. Vacuum regularly and use a mild solution of washing-up liquid to clean, making sure you squeeze the excess water out of the cloth.  Once again turn cushions if possible. This type of leather is very versitle and does not normally need a cream treatment.

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