Opium Table

So called due to opium dealing in the far east.  These tables come in a range of shapes and sizes, but still have the same characteristics.  This one is particularly unusual with the glass inlays and we have given it a twist with its shabby black finish to suit the modern home

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Cane Stool

Useful little stool could be used in a bedroom, bathroom or even a piano stool. Looks great with our Art Deco dressing table.

Art Deco Dressing Table

This a lovely dressing table/chest of drawers made from Walnut veneers. It was made in the 1950’s in the Art Deco style and is reminiscent of a bygone era

Bedside Cabinet

  A great little cabinet so useful for many things. Bedside table, toy cupboard, linen store and so much more.

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