Art Deco Chairs

A beautiful pair of Art Deco chairs, given a new look in black and upholstered in a black and cream fabric.  They would look great in a hall with the half moon table.  

Two-Tiered Table

Great little two tiered table finished in a grey wash.  Could be used as a media table for music or a small television or just as a coffee table to keep your magazines and books on the lower shelf.  Would fit really well in a smaller room.      

Bed Side Cabinet

bedside teal blue

This bedside cabinet was made in the early 1900’s from recycled pieces of furniture. It has been upcycled and painted teal blue and given a shaby chic look.       

Half Moon Table

Half moon

This is a beautifully restored traditional half moon table with carved legs, painted gloss black to give it a contempory look.  

Austinsuite Chest of Drawers

austinsuite chest of drawers

Sold.  This Austinsuite chest of drawers has been updated with a grey finish on some of the drawers but still keeping the retro look and style.

Side Table

This is an old piece of furniture possibly Victorian.  We have brought this bang up to date with a cream finish on the legs and drawer front keeping the wooden top. 

Gateleg Table


This is a beautiful oak gateleg table which has the cc41 mark on it.  Made either during or just after the war. 

Kitchen stool


A pine stool or an extra table.  The legs have been given a modern cream finish and we have kept the beauty of the wood on show for top, a useful addition to any home.    

Opium Table

So called due to opium dealing in the far east.  These tables come in a range of shapes and sizes, but still have the same characteristics. 

Mid-Century Table


SOLD Whether it’s abutting a comfortable chair or taking centre stage, a great-looking table catches the eye and emphasises the ambience you want to create.